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Making Your Wish a Reality

Since coming in second in my 3rd grade all-school spelling bee, I've loved the English language. Working for the State of New Jersey in Computer Operations I learned that language also. That changed to writing formal specifications for Information Technology and Energy products and services, as well as refining and signing big-ticket contracts. After retiring I spent two years writing my memoir, and later, compiling and self-publishing a book of 100 of my published online essays. I love writing and all things writing, and writers, for it takes courage to put emotions and experiences, ideas and dreams, to paper or onto a keyboard. 

   I write three to five hours per day. Poetry, essays, books, you name it. I submit my work when I can, and have had stories and poems published. I love to help writers work on and complete their stories or books, including publishing them. I have been leading two weekly Craft Chat/Critique groups for over seven years. I participated on the Rutgers Writers Conference Advisory Board from late 2016 to 2019. I attend writer's retreats and writing seminars often between home activities with my wife, children, and granddaughter. 

   I'd like to help you to write your best work, whatever you choose, and whichever way you choose to present it. 

   Every person has a voice. Let me help you express it.



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