Help with publishing

I've self-published my own books and have completed the process for others or held their hand. I can help you review your publishing options and paths down to the publisher or printer and what they offer, how much they charge, and how much you'll make. There are many publishing and printing services available and there is a perfect one for you.  

Editing and consulting

I've edited and consulted, down to the grammar and vocabulary levels, hundreds of books and stories from memoir to fiction, to creative nonfiction to genre pieces, to short stories and poetry. You'll find me attentive to your needs and responsive, with short turnaround times and creative suggestions. No matter where you live email can accomplish most of what needs to be done, with telephone support part of my offering.

Presenting and teaching

I've presented to specific and general audiences from small groups to large gatherings on many topics and subjects. I prepare in-depth handouts and graphics or Powerpoints to meet every need, along with interesting activities. I have access to a wealth of garnered information on writing culled from reliable sources. I have been a semi- or professional writer since age 30, when others relied on my words to be accurate and precise. I am also organized, and aware of the needs of my audience.

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